How to organize a business conference. FAQ from Smile-Expo

How to organize a business conference. FAQ from Smile-Expo

During the years of working in B2B events organization, our team was frequently asked questions like why are you in this sphere, why did you choose this platform, where do you find speakers, when will you come to Novosibirsk, etc.

We came up with top most popular questions and decided to satisfy your curiosity.

Why attend a conference if we have the Internet?

A vast majority of business representatives are now suffering from a salad of ideas generated by specialized Internet articles, courses, workshops, lectures and conferences they’ve come across within this year.

Truth be told, you can find at least 20 articles dedicated to any topic you’re interested in. However, topic is not the main point. What makes it interesting is people, their experience, nuances, details.

We watch a blog demonstrating profitability of mining, but tomorrow a law is issued to impose skyrocketing taxes on mining; we see how a trader earns $10 000 overnight as the rate fluctuates, then we try to do the same, but lose twofold.

The role of the conference is to help you see the whole process on the third hand. From different sides. Particularly, in business. Here we can help you count how much you spend on advertising and how it pays off; effectively organize a team of managers; choose the equipment and find it. Real practice within a particular legal and economic framework.

Conference is the best opportunity we know to adopt the experience and outlook of successful figures as well as get answers. Plus, it’s a good way to meet like-minded people.

Of course, you can compile the ideology and knowledge of experts from open resources and spend a couple of months of years. Not a very quick and effective variant.

How do you compile a conference program?

At first, we calculate benefit. For instance, the role of Blockchain Conference Georgia is to help make money on the Georgian blockchain market. Well-defined benefit is a key to a program.

Attending a conference, you hope that your investment will pay off. The program includes those who make money out of this business and will help you do the same.

How to earn in 2018? We answer the question, and here is the plan:

  • Cryptocurrency shapes the future of economy. The best places for mining are those with an electricity tariff significantly lower than in the majority of countries in Europe and America.
  • Governmental control. On the one hand, state is a powerful income source in terms of state orders and a business influencer on the other hand. It’s important to understand the future of country’s legal and economic framework to save money.
  • An idea of receiving money for the company’s development in return of tokens is another economic revolution that allows each project to enter the big market.

So, three conference blocks are here at once.

How are speakers selected?

During 12 years of working, Smile-Expo elaborated its own approach towards the process of speakers selection. Catch a lifehack: in any country, there are companies and people who take leading positions in the community. To find them and offer partnership would be a right decision.

Our Georgian partners are founders and promoters of the crypto economy across the country: Association Blockchain Georgia, Bitcoin Embassy Georgia and Blockchain Systems Institute.

The rest is paperwork. We thoroughly immerse into the market, find different approaches towards problems solution, and investigate related articles. We also communicate with business and government representatives – what they think and plan affects everything.

Sometimes it’s difficult to find a speaker presenting a special sphere, and here the community helps us a lot.

How much time does it take you to prepare for an event?

On the average, it takes 3-4 months to get ready for an event. Within this period, we come up with a program, find and rent an exhibition area, agree upon speakers’ presentations, produce content and launch an advertising campaign.

The work of event managers is not limited to the preparation period. We believe it is not the time spent on the event, but the result and acquired knowledge that plays the important role. Target, ideas and people will always be part of the event.

How is a price of a conference ticket formed?

We have conducted approximately 70 events within 2017-2018. 350 people attend our conferences while exhibitions sometimes gather more than 2000 participants. To achieve such results, 250 employees work hard: curators, designers, SEO and SMM specialists, copyrighters, marketers, PR specialists, lawyers, accountants, auditors, IT specialists, customer service department, event planning and servicing department, a business coach, and many others. Each employee makes a considerable contribution to the company’s success.

The answer is amazingly simple: we calculate a price out of the conference expenses and our employees’ salary. The revenue goes to the company’s development so that more people could access knowledge, increase their income and life quality.

The ticket price reflects the value of people’s work for people.

How to get a ticket discount?

Subscription to our newsletters and social networks is a sure-way. Sometimes our media partners share information about discounts.

In case you are a frequent attendee to our conferences, you may get an individual discount. Explore the event website to find contacts of the curator and representatives of the customer service department.

Why do you consider yourself as experts on blockchain events organization?

We believe that our speakers are really worth your attention: particularly, they help save money staying clear of unreliable resources. Mostly, we invite lawyers, developers, marketers and CEOs at renowned companies. Our company cooperates with those who are given a right to manage big money; those who take high rank positions and work on the global market.

Men regarding themselves as experts risk to cease their development. We think that a lot remains unknown, which propels a desire to move forward.

How do you choose a country to hold the forthcoming conference?

In case our resources can bring benefit to a country and its market, we think over geography expansion. These resources are time, knowledge and people.

Before choosing a country, our analysts investigate the market: its advantages, strong and weak economic segments, how to boost its efficiency.

For example, Georgian talent market is full of educated people, including IT sphere. The role of the authorities is to elaborate a law on digital economy development so that the country attracts more investments within the forthcoming years and support small and medium business. Belarus has already embarked on this track – and here are the results. Our mission is to establish relationships between high rank people from these countries. That would lead everyone to the winning position.

Have you experienced any funny moments?

At one event held in a big park with lots of pavilions, there was a heavy downpour. A speaker spent an hour to find a necessary entrance, gave up and went away. In the evening, we all were laughing. Sometimes it happens.

Once, we got inspired by an idea to invite an author of sex dolls from the U. S. Few know that it was a series of Skype nicknames that helped us get in touch with him :)

The organizer’s motto is ‘Just keep in touch. Install all the possible messengers’. We often use different services to discuss some issues: Facebook, Skype, a mobile phone. As a result, it is difficult to recall what and where you wrote. Sometimes we had to spend half an hour to search for a document in all the messengers.

On June 20, Smile-Expo will host its first Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Georgia. Now you are aware of motives that drove us and why the conference will be top-class.


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