Georgian crypto community leaders support Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Georgia

Georgian crypto community leaders support Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Georgia

Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Georgia is held in the Georgian capital for the first time, but has already received support from the leaders of the blockchain community. Partners of the organizers, the international event company Smile-Expo, will be Association Blockchain Georgia, Bitcoin Embassy Georgia and Blockchain Systems Institute. These non-profit organizations are the largest popularizers of blockchain and cryptocurrency in the country.

Association Blockchain Georgia

Association Blockchain Georgia is a non-profit organization whose main goal is to unite the blockchain society in Georgia. The company is working in several areas: it increases the awareness of the blockchain technology; supports its adoption in Georgia and involves Georgia in the international blockchain projects

The Association organizes trainings, seminars, workshops and conferences on the Blockchain technology, as well as holds meetings with foreign experts.

Association Blockchain Georgia cooperates with the government on the implementation of blockchain technology in public administration processes, as well as with entrepreneurs who are ready to apply the technology in business. It also gives technical advice to companies starting their way in trading and mining.

The Association cooperates with public organizations connected with the Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies in other countries to consolidate the knowledge and the experience.

Bitcoin Embassy Georgia

The non-profit public organization Bitcoin Embassy Georgia is part of the international network Bitcoin Embassy, the branches of which are located in dozens of cities around the world: Montreal, New York, Atlanta, Warsaw, Helsinki, Amsterdam and others. The office in Georgia is a full-fledged participant in the international partnership. The organization participants popularize, research and discuss cryptocurrency and blockchain, as well as make developments related to the technology.

The scope of its activities also includes consultations on the issues of mining and trading for beginner enthusiasts, cooperation with the government and business on cryptocurrency and blockchain issues, organization of events.

ISM – Blockchain Systems Institute

Interdisciplinary analytical center for the study of decentralized technologies. Its specialists are engaged in consulting and assistance in the introduction of the blockchain-based technical solutions. ISM's partners are both businesspeople and state authorities. The organization has several educational projects related to blockchain.

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