Five little-known but promising cryptocurrencies: what to buy in 2018?

Five little-known but promising cryptocurrencies: what to buy in 2018?

Investment in tokens at early stages of projects development is maximum profitable: thus, early investors in assets known as ‘five pioneers’ (Ripple, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash) earned a great part of income. However, this investment is still the most risk-taking.

In fact, no one guarantees that an emerging project would enter the market with flying colors; what is more, a lion’s share of ICOs are doomed to be a scam that is difficult to detect at first stages.

In order to evaluate the potential of the projects going through the stage of ICO and pre-ICO, investors should have a good knowledge of investing, economy, IT and blockchain tech as well as study the information related to this sphere (specialized education is also a must), which takes a great deal of time. That is why many of them look for experts’ advice or find the information in the field-specific sources. We have chosen five digital currencies according to a channel Buffett’s $10 – one of the most popular crypto resources. These coins are not well-known but are highly ranked.

Rchain, a project of a mathematician Greg Meredith

The project is described as a basis of a social network that serves a platform for a speedy blockchain-based system Mercury. Rchain has been developed from a project Synero when its author, a mathematician Greg Meredith, quitted the team being pressed by shareholders.

The project is difficult to implement but the developers issued a detailed roadmap consisting of many stages with an expected date of launching – autumn 2018. The first version of the program suite for developers (SDK 0.1) was released in accordance with the plan – February. Currently, it is available for testing.

The main blockchain of Rchain is scheduled to be launched in Q4 2018. Then, RHOC tokens would be possible to exchange for native tokens RChain (REV) by the ratio of 1:1.

Advantages of the project:

  • Developers follow a roadmap.
  • Strong team (Greg Meredith – Founder; Vlad Zamfir, an Ethereum leading programmer – a member of the RChain Cooperative’s Board of Directors).
  • The project is managed by the board (cooperative), which is more secure than a centralized one.


Five little-known but promising cryptocurrencies: what to buy in 2018?


IOTA – tokens for smart technologies

IOTA tokens and blockchain are related to the Internet of Things (IoT, hence the name). These are smart devices: household appliances, communication systems that ‘keep in touch with each other and an owner via a network.

Analysts predict that the market of such devices would rapidly grow in the forthcoming years. IOTA blockchain has already been applied in several joint projects with large companies: Samsung, Fujitsu, Volkswagen, Microsoft, Deutsche Telekom. Germany hosts a specialized organization - IOTA Foundation.

IOTA applies its own unique approach towards transactions recording and information storing. The platform uses a special ledger operating on DAG - a directed acyclic graph.

Advantages of the project:

  • No scalability problems.
  • No transaction fee.
  • Promising sphere.
  • Confidence of several major companies.


Five little-known but promising cryptocurrencies: what to buy in 2018?


Cindicator – a blockchain-based project of collective intelligence

Cindicator’s ICO gathered $15 m in September 2017. The project is related to the collective intelligence concept being researched since the 1980s.

Collective intellect implies the idea that a team can come up with more effective solutions to the problems than individuals. Blockchain is a perfect match for such models development due to its independent nodes. The project representatives plan to apply collective intelligence in trading and capital management. According to them, its calculating power equates with the work of thousands of finance analysts boosted by artificial intelligence.

Advantages of the project:

  • Developers are active in social networks, news about the project is regularly published.
  • Cindicator has already released work products: a couple of bots for analytics and market monitoring as well as a mobile app.
  • The project is functioning on the promising market: if a release turns out to be successful, token growth is expected.


Five little-known but promising cryptocurrencies: what to buy in 2018?


Binance Coin (BNВ) – an exchange token

This token was issued by a cryptocurrency exchange Binance and relates to an ERC20 standard.

BNB owners get discounts on the services of the exchange that is to become decentralized in the future. Binance Coin also grants access to premium functions.

Binance is a high-end trading platform providing safe and user-friendly service of digital currencies exchange. Its ICO attracted $15 m. The platform is focused on blockchain assets. Its Head, Changpeng Zhao, is a cryptocurrency enthusiast who held senior positions at OKCoin, and Bloomberg.

Advantages of the project:

  • The token brings real benefit (it is valuable).
  • The currency operates within a promising and prospective project.


Five little-known but promising cryptocurrencies: what to buy in 2018?


ZRX (0x) – a currency for decentralized exchange

is a decentralized exchange service allowing users to sell and buy ERC20 tokens safely and fast using Ethereum smart contracts. The protocol was developed to use any ERC20 tokens in an effective way.

As any decentralized exchange, ZRX is better protected from hacking and security issues compared to centralized ones. By the way, its blockchain is faster and more reliable compared to other blockchain-based exchanges.

0Х was created by Will Warren and Amir Bandeali. A work alpha version has already been launched.

Advantages of the project:

  • New product. Its developers took disadvantages of the previous blockchain-based exchanges into account.
  • Operating alpha version is available.
  • Welcomed by investors: attracted capital in 2017.
  • High-demand sphere.

The team of Buffett’s $10 consists of analysts and financial experts with a solid working experience. However, they warn the channel’s readers that their posts should not be taken as a guidance on investing and trading. Anyway, crypto investment is risk-taking so make sure you park a reasonable amount of money.

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