Most profitable ICOs in 2018. What Georgian projects are worth investing in?

Most profitable ICOs in 2018. What Georgian projects are worth investing in?

Week by week, the world launches dozens of ICOs: some of them make their investors millionaires, while others make their backers bankrupts. To realize what to choose for investment in Georgia, let’s examine various types of crowd sales and prepare a list of the best ICO projects in 2018.

What is ICO?

ICO means an Initial Coin (token) Offering or crowd sale. In other worlds, one sells tokens of any innovative solution for fiat money or cryptocurrencies. A team uses raised funds to turn its idea into the final product, and investors use tokens for payments within this very project or trading on a cryptocurrency exchange.

As practice shows, one can earn pretty much using an ICO. One of the most striking examples of successful crowd sale is Ethereum tokens. In 2014, they cost less than 1 cent and then grew up to $820.

ICO risks

In fact, ICOs are much like IPOs (Initial Public Offering). The key difference is that IPO, unlike token sales, is subject to the law. Therefore, investors of such projects have no guarantees, which attracts swindlers. According to Business sider, 52% of ICOs appeared to be scam previous year.

To steer clear from ICO risks, you should follow the certain rules:

  • invest in an operating prototype rather than an idea;
  • check the trust rank and reputation of organizers;
  • pay attention to the execution and quality of white paper;
  • test a code if possible;
  • check a legal address and escrow accounts of the company.

Most profitable ICOs in 2018. What Georgian projects are worth investing in? 1

ICO advantages

To obtain revenue from investments, one should not necessarily have a multimillion capital, unlike the situation on the securities market. A small sum of money will be enough for the initial investment. According to professional investors, after thorough examination of projects, one can select ten most attractive ones to put some money in. At least one of 10 projects will be profitable. It is called the diversification of investment portfolio, a kind of insurance against the loss of all money in case of investing in one unreliable project.

Best bounty ICOs

Bounty ICO is a giveaway of tokens without investing. Frequently, one should perform some marketing work in order to receive cryptocurrency. For instance, register on the website, subscribe to project public pages, or make reposts on social media. The income from such a campaign can vary from $5 to more than $1000. To participate in the token giveaway, you should find a project with a bounty company, be a member of the BitcoinTalk forum, and register your Ethereum wallet to receive tokens after the ICO. Afterwards, they can be sold on a cryptocurrency exchange.

For example, one can earn 0.0020 BTC per week for social network advertising of the Coincome project that offers a platform for cryptocurrency trading services.

Besides, if you have a lot of friends investing in cryptocurrencies, the Essentia project that develops a protocol for synchronizing various blockchains offers 3% from investments made by your subscribers when they follow the referral link.

Rating of top ICO projects in 2018

One of the most-talked-about ICOs of this year was Telegram with its TON project. However, it turned out that the team raised $1.7 billion at the pre-sale stage and would not launch an ICO. Regular people failed to become investors of the project as the minimum starting point was $20 million.

If TON is not the only thing you have focused on, we would like to offer you a brief review of the most promising ICOs in 2018.

  1. MoneyToken. The platform offers cryptocurrency secured loans. According to developers, it allows to both use stable currency and keep your crypto assets. Currently, MoneyToken coin costs $0.005.
  2. European Crypto Bank: a collaboration of English and French financial experts who have developed a platform for cryptocurrency asset trading and their direct exchange for fiat money. This is the way European Crypto Bank is going to solve the issue related to conventional banks’ reluctance to deal with cryptocurrencies. As of today, one token costs 0.63 EUR.
  3. The Sun Exchange: a project allowing to buy and lease out solar panels for personal use, businesses, and government enterprises. The company aims to speed up the process of global shifting to the renewable power generation. At the pre-sale, 1 SUNEX token is equal to 1 dollar.
  4. One more power generation project is a decentralized trading platform based on artificial intelligence called Verv. It allows to directly trade renewable energy and transmit it by high voltage wires. One token costs 0.5 pound.
  5. INTRO: a project of the global property market that offers objects for sale at developers’ prices. Project founders state that tokens will allow to enter this market at a discount. The team is also going to design a smart contract for collaborative investment. One token costs $0.4.

With all the ICO investments being conducted in BTC or ETH, you should buy tokens on a cryptocurrency exchange or using Liberty Bank services. The bank allows to directly buy and sell cryptocurrencies. Wish you success and profitable projects!

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