Blockchain is almighty: top 3 unusual ways of blockchain application

Blockchain is almighty: top 3 unusual ways of blockchain application

Companies are now finding completely unusual ways of blockchain inclusion in business. Means are more surprising than goals. Let’s look through the most unusual and innovative ways of blockchain application, but first, what is the nature of the emerging technology?

What is blockchain?

In layman’s terms, blockchain is a chain of blocks containing data. So, blockchain can be described as a digital distributed ledger working on a block sequence. Transparency and safety are advantages of blockchain. All the information is publicly available, easily verified, and all data is hack proof.

What is it used for?

Blockchain technology was initially developed for bitcoin, but currently, it is widely applied in many spheres far from crypto transactions.

For instance, we leverage blockchain for authorship rights certification and reservation, precious metals buying and sale, data management and fair online voting.

By the way, that’s not all the spheres where the technology can be used: education, traveling, power industry and gambling. All in all, in any other segment.

The future of blockchain

Blockchain will continue developing in the future. According to the experts, healthcare will have become the most popular sphere of its application by 2025.

What is more, blockchain projects with accurately precise terms are appearing. Thus, 2030 project is aimed at the modern world decentralization by 2030 propelling blockchain into the mainstream. The company starts with minor goals: innovative centers establishment, business problems solution and search for new possibilities for the market by means of a distributed ledger.

Most unusual ways of blockchain application

How was a turkey on your dinner table grown?

An American food company Cargill launched a blockchain-based platform showing turkey’s life before you buy it. Using a pack code, consumers can find an address of the farm the bird was grown, learn its life record and even see photos while alive.

Original or fake?

Chronicled startup put forward a new way of blockchain application – checking sneakers’ originality. Each original pair has a special smart label with a PKI containing private and public keys. All you have to do is to scan a label.


Blockchain opened the door for couples – meet platform! Thus, a chain of blocks will store documents, contracts and other related information. If needed, a guest list and wedding vows can be recorded.

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