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Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Georgia

Results 2018

Alakbar Eyvazli

Head of Marketing Operations at KeepMyCoin

Our team visited the blockchain conference in Georgia for the first time. We met investors here, talked to exhibitors, made new acquaintances that provide us with new opportunities for work. We communicated with other opinion leaders in the field of blockchain, saw projects interesting for us and open for further communication. The most interesting thing at the conference was networking. As for the organization and interaction between the participants, everything was perfect.

Evgeniy Romanenko

iTuber host

The organizers of Blockchain and Bitcoin Conference Georgia, Smile-Expo, are my partners and friends. Georgia has already hosted blockchain conferences before, but the event of the Blockchain and Bitcoin Conference brand was held in Tbilisi for the first time. The event was cool, even better than imaginable. I met all my friends, and also managed to see Facebook friends from Azerbaijan, Armenia and Georgia face-to-face. I liked absolutely everything here, I didn’t notice flaws or negative aspects. The conference was just great!

Denis Neshtun


The conference was very interesting to us as manufacturers of mining equipment, since it was attended by many people who are engaged in the cryptocurrency mining in Georgia. Thanks to communication within the event, we were able to understand the difficulties they face, and miners could evaluate our products. Many became interested in it, and it's great! There were no things that we didn’t like!

Chan Komagan

Product Manager at Empleos

Being the blockchain company for employment and personnel market, we published the documentation of our project several days ago. Our goal of visiting the conference was the launch of our own business and meeting with other blockchain enthusiasts. The aspect that we liked the most at the event was an opportunity to communicate with a huge number of people who are also keen on mining. It was interesting to exchange opinions with experts who have extensive experience in this field. Most of the presentations were dedicated to mining and blockchain solutions. I would like to see more diversity and startups at the next events.

Gordon Einstein

Partner at CKR LAW LLP

Smile Expo really does a great job organizing these conferences. Have been to Istanbul, Kiev and beyond with them. Yanina Volovyk and Artur Anopolsky are onsite here making everything seamless and enjoyable.

Davit Mrelashvili

Regional manager for Eastern Europe and CIS at ZenCash

Thank you so much for such a warm hospitality and well organized conference! I have been thinking about giving you suggestions as far as specifics, and I really can’t think of it!

I think organizational part was certainly at the very high level. I think the scale of the conference was on the smaller side compared to what you guys usually do, but I don’t think it has anything to do with the quality! Plus - it is hard to get 3000 people in the small country of Georgia.

So, by all means - take my big thank you and looking forward to future collaborations with you!

Serge Denisel

ICO Holder

At the conference, our company liked a large number of field-specific visitors. Everything was organized at the highest level: it was easy to find everything you need, there is a clear schedule of speakers’ reports. The cool thing is that all the topics were divided into separate blocks: I visited many conferences and I can assure that this is rare thing. There were about 15 exhibitors, with whom it was very interesting and easy to communicate. It would be great to increase their number in the future.